On the path to Zero Waste

OuiShare Fest 2016 Zero Waste strategy and assessment

OuiShare Fest 2016: on the path to Zero Waste, join us on this journey!

What is a Zero Waste event?

A Zero Waste Event is any one-time program, occasion or event that does everything possible to reduce and divert waste from landfills and incinerators.

This entails planning ahead to reduce solid waste from the event, limit the use of unnecessary items, reusing and recycling various materials, donating leftovers, as well as having clear signage to guide participants and staff as to how to make use of proper receptacles. These practices must be applied throughout the entire event organization process, including the planning phase, assembly, disassembly and post-event, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

Why Zero Waste?

Festivals and conferences create an insane amount of waste. We want to ensure that we are conscious of the environmental footprint we leave behind and that we are FESTing responsibly.

Since Sustainable Development is an important value shared among the OuiShare community and innovation, equipment pooling, sharing resources and circular economy are embodied in the OuiShare philosophy, OuiShare aims to organize all its festivals and events with Zero Waste (ZW) policies. This is the second year we are implementing a ZW policy at OuiShare Fest, enabling us to build on lessons learnt last year to improve our ZW strategy - although we believe this is a continuous work-in-progress. In doing so, we hope to inspire and provide other international event organizers with the tools and know-how to embrace Zero Waste as well!

Some things we’re doing this year:

Dry Toilets
Like last year, we will have dry toilets to ensure that we reduce water consumption and contribute to the safe composting of our bodily waste.

Reusable plates and cups
Ouikit was created after the first edition of the Fest, gathering reusable materials (badge pockets, eco-cups, cutlery, plates, etc.) that we use for all of our events to avoid using disposable tableware. We work with our providers in that spirit, especially catering and food providers: no plastic plates and cutlery, a part of consigned jars and bottles… If you have some contacts, please give to us!
We work with our providers in that spirit, especially catering and food providers: no plastic plates and cutlery, a part of consigned jars and bottles… If you have some contacts, please give to us!

No Leftovers!
Our team is ensuring that enough food will be provided throughout the event to satisfy all participants but that portions are not unnecessarily large. Uneaten lunch sandwiches will be provided over break sessions and we are currently in search of an association to donate all of our unconsumed food to. Chef Pepe from Nowwhere kitchen in Berlin and Freegan Pony will prepare a dinner with participants using leftovers only!
During the public day, Too Good To Go, an app that reduces food waste, will offer lunch leftovers to attendees.

New: Reusable Banners & Communication Materials
We avoid putting time sensitive information like dates or logos on our communication materials, so we can reuse them annually! This year for instance, we have reused the stage backgrounds and outdoor banners.

New: Plastic Recycling
This is an amazing project: this year the Precious Plastic team will join us to recycle our plastic waste. So if you want to give it a try during the event, bring any home recipient of shampoo, detergent, etc. with you and recycle!

PDF Program on your phone
To limit the amount of printed programs, we encourage participants to download the program on their phone.

Coming soon: Zero Waste Event Toolkit
Together with Zero Waste France, we’re building an open source toolkit to provide event organizers with the tools and knowledge to reduce and better manage waste at events – the Zero Waste Event Toolkit (ZWETk).
Stay posted for more news on this soon!

New: Stakeholder Involvement
Zero Waste does not stop with your event organization team. To maximize our impact, we are raising awareness and setting new standards for ZW practices among the service providers we work with.

Help us on our path to Zero Waste!

Spread the word, consume responsibly and incorporate Zero Waste in your everyday life. If you want to organize a Zero Waste event, we’d love to hear about it.

For a full list of the OuiShare Fest 2016’s Zero Waste activities, as well as areas we need to work on

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