3 days, +200 sessions, 6 areas, talks, panels, workshops, music, dance and intimate dinners!

6 macro-topics: from the systemic (day 1), to the organisational (day 2), to the individual level (day 3).

3 session types for different levels of expertise: discovery, advanced and experience sessions.

Day 1

18/05. 8.30 - 19.00
How can we reshape institutions and society....after the gold rush?
Digital Institutions & the City

How can we transform our cities into resilient institutions for the digital age?

Understanding Decentralization & the Blockchain

What do we still need to understand about the blockchain and its role in decentralising society?

Day 2

19/05. 8.30 - 19.00
How do we organize and create value... after the gold rush?
Building Companies For The Digital Age

How do businesses stay relevant in the collaborative age?

The 21st Century Organization

What ownership and governance models do organizations need in a collaborative society?

Day 3

20/05. 13.00 - 21.00
How do we define our individual roles... after the gold rush?
The (present) Future of Work

How will we work in the post-industrial world?

Education & Personal Development

How do we learn, create and build our identities?

OuiShare Love Party 20/05 starting 22.00

"Je rêvais d'un autre monde" - Open Day by OuiShare

21/05. 10.00 - 18.00

After the Gold Rush

5 years later, faith has dwindled in the ‘Sharing Economy’, once hailed one of the top 10 ideas that will change the world. But what may be the end of a ‘gold rush’ is also a unique moment: the backlash to the race of startups and investors to join this movement has proven to be a fertile ground for new schools of thought, economic models and initiatives experimenting with alternative approaches to ownership and governance.

It’s time to ask new questions: Who will we work for, platforms, robots or nobody? Can we fix democracy? What new models of ownership & governance do 21st century organizations need? How can companies and startups work together to reinvent sectors after sharing revolution?

This year’s OuiShare Fest is for everyone who wants to shape the answers to these questions and turn them into concrete projects and collaborations.

Because after the gold rush is the moment for action. Join us!

>> Read more about the OuiShare Fest 2016 theme ‘After the Gold Rush’

Guiding principles

OuiShare Love Party

To bring OuiShare Fest to a close, join us for an all-night long party at our magical event venue, the Cabaret Sauvage.

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Ready to join?

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